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S Abbott


Abbott was born in Dover, views from those famous cliff tops goading questions of ‘what’s out there’ from an early age. An only child, a little bit feral and blessed with a wild imagination, building dens and camp fires were a favoured pass time and seem to have stuck.

A self taught artist – after dropping out of Art School, her professional career in that field has spanned a quarter of a century, her canine portrait works, world renown, have raised many thousands of pounds in support of the distant cousins, in rescue or war, of her commissioned subjects. Native wildlife and the landscape it lives in has more recently been thriving under her brushes, and the wild places in the Rough Bounds, were the basis for the Scottish painting trip that triggered the words in her first written work OFF THIS FEATHER BED.

Her discipline of writing is approached in the same way she paints: a base sketch with layer and layer of detail resulting in depth and soul and threads of thought like mycelium, connecting all. There is a strong desire to make more such works, a striving to capture the beautiful things of this world before it or she slips away.

A mother of two and ‘Van’- ma to their children, she lives nomadically, in LBV – on the road.

Keep in touch with her works via the web @Little_Black_Van