Alex F

Alex F

Client Business Executive

What I do in my current role

I support the Client Business team in working with authors and publishers to ensure advances and royalty payments are made on time and in line with individual contract requirements.

What fictional character do you identify most with and why?

I know it’s not strictly a fictional book character but has to be Starlord from the Avengers. Wannabe superhero but not quite there just yet. Also an avid lover of all things music but can’t sing or dance for toffee! Apologies if you catch me bopping away in the office with my headphones in!!

What would your memoir be called?

Been There, Run That (Stories from my travels and running).

A fact about me that surprises people

I am a Michelin trained chef and spent the majority of my early working years working in a number of restaurants specializing in fine dining. I also ran my own deli and catering business for 5 years.