Head and shoulders of a man, Alex Lassoued, wearing a blue henley and smiling as he looks away from the camera. Alex has a salt and pepper beard and mustache, as well as short-ish hair (two inches or so long) and is sitting in front of a window

Alex Lassoued


Throughout his life, Alex Lassoued has bounced from one adventure to the next. He’s tried his hand at soldiering, running a castle, and even working as a film extra. None of this has provided any financial security, but it has provided plenty of inspiration.

He is fascinated by people, and the incredible power of self-reflection as a catalyst for change. He believes that, now more than ever, a story should have a happy ending.

Alex is happily married with two purveyors of chaos. Besides his two kids, his proudest moment was winning first prize in the village shooting competition. A fiver. He spent the cash on a pint, and received no change.