Headshot of Alice Gendron, a white woman with light brown hair over one shoulder, minimal makeup, blotted pink lipstick, and a black v-neck top, looking straight at the camera with shoulders askance. She is set against a cream background.

Alice Gendron


Alice Gendron was born in Paris in 1990. She always had a creative mind and spent almost all her childhood doodling in class. After her high school graduation she was admitted to the Beaux Arts School of Angers, were she studied art and illustration for one year. She then tried different career paths, from cooking school to communication studies, but also teaching French in Melbourne for 6 months. From 2015 she worked as a freelance writer for many websites and marketing agencies.

Alice’s difficulties managing her workload as a freelance writer caused her to wonder if she could have ADHD. After months of doubts and hesitation, she finally made the decision to get assessed and was officially diagnosed with ADHD during the summer of 2020.

That’s when she started her Instagram account, The Mini ADHD Coach. At first, the goal was simply to share her experience with simple and cute doodles. But as the account took off quite quickly, she decided to use her experience as a writer and a communication professional to create educational content in an accessible and friendly way. In late 2020 she launched a self published workbook called COULD IT BE ADHD? that aim to provide support and guidance to the people who wonder if they could have ADHD. The workbook has helped hundreds of people around the world to this day and is available in 3 languages.

Alice’s latest book, THE MINI ADHD COACH, was published in July 2023.

You can find Alice’s website here.