Chips H

Chips Hardy

Agent: Rory Scarfe

Chips Hardy is a novelist, playwright and screenwriter across television, film, theatre, and stand-up. His productions include television drama, Taboo, which he worked on alongside his son, Tom Hardy, as a co-creator, writer, and consulting producer. For Taboo, Chips won a 2018 Writer’s Guild of Great Britain award for Best Long Form TV Drama, and a second season of Taboo was announced in 2023. He has also won a British Comedy Award for his work with Irish comedian Dave Allen.

Plays written by Chips include darkly comic play, Blue on Blue, and one woman dysfunctional Cabaret, There’s Something in the Fridge that Wants to Kill Me! Chips has also written two novels, EACH DAY A SMALL VICTORY published in 2007 and SEATON’S ORCHID published in 2022.