A black and white headshot of Clare Empson, a white woman with her hair in a chignon, smiling at the camera in a black top and standing in front of a bookcase.

Clare Empson


Clare Empson is a former journalist and writer of dark love stories including two novels HIM and MINE published with Orion in 2018 and 2019. HIM was translated into 9 languages and became a bestseller in Germany.

Novel writing was always the ambition but she got sidetracked for a decade or two on national newspapers, where her assignments veered from the sublime to the ridiculous: afternoon tea and lessons in love from the late Dame Barbara Cartland one day, playing naked pentanque with a colony of nudists in midwinter the next.

Clare lives in the wilds of Dorset with her family and is currently working on her third novel. She has always loved The Go Between by JP Hartley and the story has a nod it, featuring a forbidden love affair with catastrophic repercussions.