Gez Medinger, a long-limbed white man with dark curly hair, sitting on a black box against a dark blue background. He has one hand on his thigh, the other holding a professional camera, and looking straight at the camera taking his picture.

Gez Medinger


Gez Medinger is an investigative science journalist and patient advocate for Long Covid. He was a film-maker and marathon runner when he became ill with Covid in the early days of the pandemic. When he didn’t recover, Gez put his efforts into researching the novel condition of Long Covid, interviewing some of the world’s leading clinicians and turning his YouTube channel into a huge resource for patients, conducting over a dozen patient led studies – which have been quoted in global press including New York Times, New Scientist and Men’s Health. In the process he has built a worldwide community and his films currently have over 5 million views.

His book THE LONG COVID HANDBOOK, co-written with Professor Danny Altmann, will be out with Penguin in October 2022.