Jodie Abrahams, a white woman with long dark hair in a pale pink top, is looking away from the camera and smiling slightly as her hair falls over the left side of her face.

Jodie Abrahams

Agent: Rachel Petty

Jodie Abrahams is a qualified and registered Nutritional Therapist specialising in female hormonal health. She has a private practice, and works as a nutrition consultant.

Prior to her career in nutrition, Jodie was a secondary school teacher, worked in educational media and youth arts, and was a youth mentor.

Jodie’s particular area of interest is in how food and lifestyle affect female hormones and their myriad impacts – including emotions, moods, energy levels and cycles. Her mission is to support women and those who are biologically female of all ages to become attuned to their bodies, empowering them to take sustainable, every day actions to meet their needs.