A white woman with grey hair, blue eyes, and pink lipstick, standing against a blue background and looking at the camera

Laura Dodsworth

Agent: Rory Scarfe

Laura Dodsworth is an author, journalist and photographer and has been called a ‘latter-day punchy Cassandra’ and a ‘Slayer of Taboos’. She doesn’t sit on the fence. Her latest book, A STATE OF FEAR: HOW THE UK GOVERNMENT WEAPONISED FEAR DURING THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC, was a Sunday Times Bestseller and described as an ‘important book’ by Lord Sumption.

Her previous books BARE REALITY: 100 WOMEN, THEIR BREASTS, THEIR STORIES, MANHOOD: THE BARE REALITY, and WOMANHOOD: THE BARE REALITY attracted worldwide media coverage. These were followed by the five-star Channel 4 documentary 100 Vaginas – a ‘poetic taboo buster’ and ‘firmly and relentless radical’ – and what is quite possibly the only age-rated TEDx talk on the internet. She co-directed Scars for the Guardian about the emotional and psychological histories which lie beneath healed wounds.

Her work defies neat categorisation, but follows a trajectory of instinctive interest in the the untold story, our lives, the taboo and what makes us who we are.

Her next book, FREE YOUR MIND, with Patrick Fagan will be published in July 2023.