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Nicky Clark

Agent: Rory Scarfe

Nicky Clark is a writer, freelance journalist and equality campaigner. Nicky trained to be an actress but became a parent carer after both her children were diagnosed as disabled and her mum was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. Nicky began writing professionally for The Guardian with opinion pieces on disability rights issues. Nicky has extensive TV & Radio broadcast interview experience on disability and equality issues & in 2005 was diagnosed as autistic and launched the global hashtag ‘She Can’t Be Autistic’ to highlight the difficulties women and girls face within the diagnostic process & with wider societal attitudes. 

In 2016 aged 50, Nicky returned to her acting career and found this almost impossible due to her age, so in 2018 she launched the “Acting Your Age Campaign” to highlight and challenge gendered/sexist ageism in the entertainment industry for women over the age of 45 where there is seemingly an assumption of semi-retirement, compared to men of the same age, who are still playing leading roles.

Nicky had her first screenplay optioned in March 2023.