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Nicola Coppack

Agent: Rachel Petty

Art Director and Visual Development Artist for television series, specials and pilots.

Nicola has specialised in the animation industry for over 20 years, working as an animator, team leader, visual development artist and art director as well as writing and directing her animated short film ‘The Night-Light Monster’ for  studio Fabrique d’ Images. Alongside her animation career she loves drawing and writing for other mediums such as picture books, YA fiction and series pitches.

Away from her desk she loves travelling, coffee and a good book (especially non-fiction on human behaviour!). She takes time out to relax with games, her friends, walking and thinking (lots of thinking). And many, many movies. 

She’s passionate about nurturing creativity and personal voices, values self-expression, connecting with others and bouncing ideas about with fellow creatives.

A whole-hearted believer in the enjoyment of the journey.