Headshot of Peter Komolafe, a black man with glasses in a grey t-shirt smiling widely at the camera. He is set against a blue background.

Peter Komolafe


Peter Komolafe is a highly commended financial expert, financial coach and TV personality whose personal journey is the driving force behind his passion for helping ordinary people create financial security through positive financial habits. 

Peter founded Conversation of Money (a YouTube channel and weekly podcast) in 2020 to have conversations he wished someone had had with him when he was in his twenties. Having struggled with debt through his twenties and thirties, his story has seen him go from foster care and being homeless to the executive team of a Fortune 100 company in Canary Wharf.

Peter has been featured on LorraineSteph’s Packed Lunch, BBC World Service, The Times, the Express and ITV, and he has appeared as the financial expert on Secret Spenders: Beat the Price Riseson Channel 4. His book, THE MONEY BASICS, was published in March 2023 by HarperCollins.