First book in Kieran Larwood’s new middle grade series to be published by Faber

7 September 2016

Podkin one ear hb oct 2016

Faber Children’s is publishing the first book in a new middle-grade fantasy series by Kieran Larwood, the author of Freaks (Chicken House) in October.

The first brilliant and terrifying book, Podkin One-Ear, is about a young rabbit called Podkin who flees with his siblings when their warren comes under attack from the vicious and unstoppable Gorm.

Faber Children’s Publisher Leah Thaxton said: “We were utterly beguiled by Kieran’s powerful storytelling. Podkin One-Ear is an unwilling and mischievous hero, constantly upstaged by his older more capable sister – this is the story of his rise to power in a new, human-free fantasy landscape and is truly breathtaking.”

The publishing rights have also sold in Germany (Ravensburger), France (Gallimard) and the Netherlands (Gottmer), and in the US to Terry Pratchett’s publisher.

Pre-order your copy here.