Rose Lihou’s TINY DOGS: THE LOST SCHOOL PET and Jo Furniss’s DEAD MILE are published!

10 July 2024

Two recent publications by TBP clients we’re very excited about are TINY DOGS by Rose Lihou and DEAD MILE by Jo Furniss, both of which published on the 4th of July. Find out more about these brilliant (and very different!) books below:

Tiny Dogs: The Lost School Pet by Rose Lihou

The big day has arrived. . . It’s Bea’s first day at her new school.

She’s nervous about starting a new school and making new friends but with the help of her tiny dog friends cheering her on, Bea’s confidence blooms.

She quickly learns how to make new friends and her first day at her brand-new school is a breeze, until Bamboo the class hamster goes missing and Bea was the last person to play with him. . .

Join the FIND BAMBOO club and earn your Animal Hero badge with Bea and the tiny dogs as they work together to find Bamboo!

DEAD MILE by Jo Furniss

Friday afternoon, and the traffic is bloody murder.

Sergeant Belinda ‘Billy’ Kidd is driving home from the airport, jet-lagged and ready to resign from a career that has left her traumatised. Menopause has robbed her confidence too – now she’s a traffic cop who’s afraid to drive. When brake lights haemorrhage up the motorway, the cars grind to a halt. Moments later she finds a dead driver in a black sedan.

He has a metal skewer in his neck. But how? The killer can’t have left the scene without being spotted by the dozens of witnesses – so he must still be there, among them. If the traffic jam stays put, they’re all in danger; if the traffic clears, she’ll lose her suspect. The clock is ticking, but she doesn’t know how fast.