TBP agent, Emily Barrett, talks to The Bookseller about transitioning from editor to agent

5 July 2024

An article written by Emily, TBP’s newest agent, was published in The Bookseller this week! In the article, Emily dispels some agenting-related myths and discusses, how she’s found the jump from editor to agent, and the surprises along the way. A glimpse into what she says below:

“I didn’t know just how rewarding it would feel to be someone’s advocate. I also expected that I’d enjoy negotiating from this side of the fence but – not to scare the horses – it’s actually even more satisfying than I’d imagined: fighting on behalf of a person rather than a company, and having skin in the game to boot, is delicious.”

We couldn’t be more thrilled to have Emily here at TBP advocating for our brilliant clients and authors!

Take a peek at Emily’s non-fiction wishlist here, and read the full Bookseller article here.