The Blair Partnership Announces new Agents-at-Large to increase global breadth of client list

2 September 2020

As an agency representing leading writers, it has always been our privilege to support voices and stories from all around the world. It has been our great honour over the years to work with many clients spanning an incredibly diverse range of perspectives, who have created positive change. There is always so much more that we can and should do, and it is our pledge as an agency to continue to seek out the brightest storytellers and to challenge ourselves to find the best talent, wherever it might be.

Accordingly, The Blair Partnership is delighted to announce that it has appointed three Agents-at-Large, whom the agency will work with to increase the breadth of our representation from all corners of the globe.

Michelle Gayle, Maajid Nawaz and Dana International are three leading names as well as leaders within their communities, and they will focus on finding emerging talent. The Blair Partnership will work closely with each of these agents to discover the best new talent, drawing on their wealth of experience.