Product Development Manager

What I do in my current role

As part of the Product Development team, I lead & facilitate the development of product & experience initiatives across the franchise. My background is in consumer products, but I’m thrilled to also be working across theme parks and interactive experiences alongside industry-leading creatives. Working hand in hand with our partners I provide creative guidance driving quality and innovation.

What fictional character do you identify most with and why?

As quite an independent character, I’ve never truly identified with a fictional character; perhaps she’s out there in a book or film I’m yet to discover.

What would your memoir be called?

Tales of a Productive Night Owl. 

Perhaps not a true night owl, but I am often most creative in the afternoon.

A fact about me that surprises people

People are often surprised to find out I grew up in rural Wales. London has been my city of choice for many years now, I find it to be a very green city and enjoy swimming in London’s lovely Lidos.